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How to mount a light bar on the roof without drilling?


When you’re looking to install a new light bar on your vehicle, mounting it on the roof can be a daunting task. After all, not only do you have to find a spot that’s safe and secure, but you also need to make sure the light bar is properly mounted.

If you’re feeling lost and don’t want to drill into your roof, we have the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will show you how to mount a light bar without drilling. Not only is this a safer option, but it can also save you time and hassle in the long run.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed:
-1 light bar
-17″ or 19″ trailer hitch
-Mounting hardware
-2 screws (approximately 6″)
-1 Allen wrench (or equivalent)
-Drill bit specific to your light bar size
-Rope or chain attached to the light bar and the trailer hitch.

The first step in mounting a light bar on your roof without drilling is ensuring that you have the necessary hardware. You will need a 17″ or 19″ trailer hitch, mounting hardware, and a drill bit specific to your light bar size.

The most common drill bit for securing a light bar to a trailer hitch is a 5/8″ bit. If you are using an Allen wrench, make sure that it has a 3/8″ spindle.

Next, attach one end of the rope or chain to the front of your light bar and the other end to the trailer hitch. Be sure that the knot in the rope or chain is large enough so that it won’t slip off, but not so big that it’s difficult to tighten.

Finally, use the drill bit to secure the light bar to the trailer hitch. Make sure that you rotate the bolt as you go so that it’s evenly tightened across the entire length of the bolt head.


Adding a light bar to your vehicle can make it look cool and powerful. However, if you want to install one yourself, there are certain things you need to take into consideration.

For example, if you want to mount the light bar on the roof, you will need to drill a hole in the roof.

However, there is an easier way of doing this if you have a light bar that has mounting brackets already installed. You can simply remove the brackets and attach them to the bar using screws.

Once the brackets are attached, simply screw the light bar onto the brackets.

How to do it?

If you’re looking to mount a light bar on your vehicle’s roof without drilling, there are a few different methods you can try. The simplest way is to use a universal mounting bracket. These brackets are designed to fit many different types of vehicles and can be purchased online or at many car accessory stores.

Another option is to use a gang clamp. Gang clamps are specifically designed for mounting light bars and can be found at most hardware stores.

The last option is to use a roof rack. Roof racks can be expensive, but they offer the best overall solution because they allow you to carry large objects like bikes or heavy gear without having to remove your vehicle’s upper deck.

Tips for safe and successful installation

When mounting a light bar on a roof, it is important to make sure that the installation is safe and successful. Here are some tips for doing so:

  1. Gather all of the necessary materials before beginning the installation. This includes the light bar, brackets, screws, and drill bit.
  2. Check local regulations before starting the installation. Many states have restrictions on how high a light bar can be placed on a roof, and some require drilling holes into the roof to install brackets.
  3. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw size that will be used in the bracket. This will ensure that the screws are tightly fastened to the bracket and won’t loosen over time.
  4. Mount the light bar to the roof using two screws per side at an angle of 45 degrees from vertical. Make sure that both ends of the light bar are level with each other before tightening these screws down.
  5. Securely fasten the brackets to either side of the light bar using additional screws in an identical manner as in step 4. Be sure to tighten these screws evenly so that there is no wobble or movement in either direction


If you’re looking to mount a light bar on your roof without drilling, there are a few options available to you. You can purchase a light bar adapter that will fit onto the ends of your existing wiring, or you can purchase a pre-made mounting bracket that will fit onto the top of your light bar.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you know exactly how to install it and avoid any potential problems down the road.

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